The safety of All 4 Pets staff and clients will always be our top priority. We value the trust you have in us to deliver safe, reliable, loving care. It is important that we clearly communicate the guidelines and protocols we have in place in response to Covid-19. We continue to monitor updates from the CDC and New York Governor for up to date information and will revise our guidelines as required. 


  • Staff will sanitize hands before entering the house, wear a mask while in the house and in outdoor spaces where social distancing is not possible. Gloves will be worn at client request and at staff discretion. 

  • Staff will touch as few things as possible. We wipe down door handles and any other commonly contacted surfaces. We will minimize the time spent inside the house. 

  • Staff will leash dogs as usual and go out to walk. Staff will maintain 6 feet from other people and their dogs, and seek out quiet routes to minimize interactions with others. 

  • Staff will remove the leash/ harness, towel dog as needed. We will leave the towel folded by the front door and let you know it has been used. 

  • Staff will give treats as usual, refresh water, write  the note/ update TTP. 

  • Staff will wash hands with soap & water at client house & dry hands with paper towel.



Please notify All 4 Pets Inc. if…


  • Anyone in the home develops symptoms associated with Covid-19

  • Anyone in the home has been in contact with someone diagnosed with Covid-19

  • Anyone in the home as possible occupational exposure to Covid-19 (eg. hospital worker)

  • Anyone in the home has recently, or is planning to travel out of state. 


*Please note: staff at All 4 Pets Inc. hold ourselves to the same standards of hygiene and behavior outlined above. 


Thank you for your continued trust in our services during this time.